Torque wrench DREMOMETER EKL A+S 1″ 600-1500 Nm


  • Use:
  • Controlled screw tightening in the most common range of 20 – 850 N·m / 15 – 630 lbf·ft (guide for screws M7-10.9 to M24-8.8. M30-5.6)
  • Adjustable, releasing and sturdy tubular torque wrench with integrated ratchet and with square drive for industry and the trades
  • Features:
  • Classified according to DIN EN ISO 6789-2:2017 Type II Class A, incl. traceable test certificate, calibrated to a maximum permissible deviation of +/- 3 % and thus more precise than the +/- 4 % required by the standard
  • For controlled bi-directional tightening
  • Models DMK: 1/2″ mushroom head interchangeable square with push-button releasing and a ball-locking mechanism. From Model No. DMK 400 with 3/4″ push-through square and a pin-locking mechanism
  • Sturdy, varnished tubular steel construction, with zinc-plated ratchet head and top-grade plastic parts
  • Ergonomically shaped plastic handgrip with calibration aid
  • Change-over between N·m main scale and lbf·ft ancillary scale to avoid reading errors when setting the torque wanted
  • With micrometre scale for main N·m scale for setting interim values
  • Release system triggers a tactile and audible signal
  • Ergonomic system for torque adjustment with reference symbol
  • Provision for rapid setting with hexagon allen key, not included
  • Secured adjusting/setting system
Torque wrench DREMOMETER EKL A+S 1″ 600-1500 Nm


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GTIN (EAN): 4002805930854
HS CODE: 82041100

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